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Time for another peer review! I am reviewing Makeup Your Mind, a beauty blog created by Jordan Anne. I will be focusing on assessing her social media integration and monetization initiatives.

Social Media

Contacting Jordan is super simple because she has included a message widget in her sidebar. I liked the idea so much that I discovered how to add it to my own sidebar! It’s a great option because it makes it so convient for your audience to contact you, and it’s a lot more inviting than just leaving an e-mail. It shows that you really do want to build relationships with your audience members.

I also love that Jordan has included her Instagram page on the sidebar. The widget provides a sneak peak at her content. It is great that Jordan is using Instagram, as it is a very relevant platform for a beauty blog.

“The inspirational, visual-first nature of Instagram makes beauty and fashion a perfect fit for the platform. Fashionistas and beauty junkies can binge on style ideas, the latest looks from celebrities, and be the first to see new products from cult-favorite brands” (Boland, 2017).

Jordan has gone beyond just sharing her personal Instagram profile and created new profile for her brand. Her Instagram posts reflect her blog’s aesthetic, allow her audience to get to know her better, and promote her blog posts. She draws people into her blog by featuring links to her posts in her bio, and uses hashtags to potentially attract new followers. Her presence on Instagram reminds audiences to visit her blog.

Instagram seems to be the only platform Jordan has featured. If she wanted to go further, she could consider utilizing Facebook and Pinterest. I suggest creating a Facebook page because once you do this, you have the option to transform your Instagram into a  “business profile.” I found this guide to best utilize an Instagram business profile. With these types of profiles, Jordan could establish herself as a professional beauty blogger, showcase contact information and begin to assess her social media analytics. I recommend Pinterest because it is another very visual platform. Her followers would remain engaged by seeing the ideas and products that interest her. It is a good way for Jordan to discover new things as well! Pinterest is also a great place to share an infographic, if Jordan chooses to create one. 


As far as I can tell, Jordan has not monetized her website. Google AdSense is certainly an option, but I know I am reluctant to place advertisements on my website out of fear they may disrupt my aesthetic, and perhaps Jordan feels the same way. However, her makeup posts are a perfect opportunity to advertise in a more discreet way. Her posts link to tons of products, and I noticed many of these products are available at Sephora. Jordan, I would suggest you join Sephora’s affiliate program! There are many more affiliate programs to explore as well.

Response to First Peer Review

During the first round of peer reviews, Makeup Your Mind was reviewed by Insert Coins to Continue. I noticed there are a few valuable critiques from Insert Coins to Continue that Jordan has not addressed.

Having the posts be tucked away in a “Read More” format, where the first three lines can be viewed initially before allowing the user to navigate to the relevant page would allow for posts to take on a more “cleaner” look (Insert Coins to continue, 2018).

If Jordan responds to this critique, it would be easier for users to explore her content.

“On my screen, the picture banner takes up half the screen, making it at first, a little difficult to discern where the content is on the blog”  (Insert Coins to continue, 2018).

Once again, her content would be easier to explore if the the title and banner were made smaller. When I click on a new page, I cannot tell if new content has loaded because the banner is so large.

“Other than that, navigation is clearly presented on the front page, with a sidebar on the right side providing relevant information regarding social media and other navigation links” (Insert Coins to continue, 2018).

Although the navigation menu is clearly displayed, I would also note that Jordan’s website is still a little difficult to navigate. For example, her PUB 201 page is broken. I also noticed there were three different links to her self-care posts. One of these links are broken, and the other two are redundant. There is no need for a drop-down menu to take you to Self-Care Sunday posts, because the main navigation link already takes you there.

In Conclusion…

Jordan has a great vision, and her target audience is very clear. I believe she could certainly use social media and monetization practices to her advantage, and I can see she has began to explore these possibilities. Visit Makeup Your Mind to keep up with her progress!


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